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While social media has become a promotion platform for young and old entrepreneurs, it is important to clarify its message. The only problem here is, it is not so simple to define who we are, because the question is sometimes more complex than it seems.

The Joy Whisperers team took up the challenge of making a short video presentation to announce its presence at the Holistica show in Geneva (21-23 September, 2018) which focuses on well-being, self-development and alternative therapies.

The task was simple: we introduce ourselves and say what we’re doing. And we discovered ourselves with our ways of presenting ourselves there, in images. If that made us laugh, this triggered in me a deeper reflection.

How to describe myself in a few words? Because if we take communication standards and statistics on the web, we are very quickly limited. It is about the number of words that are limited to 250 words on some social media, to the attention span of the audience which on average does not exceed 20 seconds of video viewing. This leaves little space to get your message across. So when we are part of people who have a rich portfolio and varied services, it becomes complicated. If I have to be quick, what do I actually do?

When words are few in number, they increase in intensity, so who am I? An energetics therapist? An NLP therapist? A life coach? An intuitive artist? An author? A designer of online training? Well, all of this, but it’s long to put on a business card!

Like social networks, society tends to want to label us, catalog us according to an occupation. But does this society always reflect reality? Not so sure… It is increasingly rare to see people with a linear path; many are those who have developed a range of skills and different jobs. This does not make them unstable as some recruiters would like to catalog them, but makes them curious, adventurous, discoverers.

These multi-talented people have developed their skills in sometimes varied areas, be it in the private or in the professional field. Because here, too, society misled us, we are not just a function. We are a set of center of interests, needs, emotions, abilities and talents for whom no degree exists. Nobody is certified in politeness, adaptability or empathy, yet these are essential skills for certain jobs. Paradoxically, I totally understand it’s urge to identify people in a function, it’s more understandable, easy to remember and… It’s reassuring. But as we have seen, humans are much more complex than a label.

If I am speaking to you about this, I unfortunately do not have any more clever solutions to offer you than the famous slash / between each talent that one finds in the CV’s or choose a word that encompasses the most possible facets. Besides, some have decided to name themselves slashers to find a simple label to define their professional diversity. And according to press articles (,times live), we are moving more and more towards the profile types sharing their time between two activities in order to have the security of a salary and a job passion or simply to vary pleasures. For reference according to, France has 4.5 million slashers, so with this number, it is no longer an exception but a trend.

So, if today I choose to define myself by what I wish to bring to the world, it is not for lack of training or degrees, but for lack of space on the boxes to describe myself. What I do? I take people on an extraordinary journey from self-discovery to self-recovery.

And you? What do you do?



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