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Workshops that adapt to your schedule, travel with you and follow your pace of integration.

And if distance was no longer a constraint? And if saving yourself trips allowed you have more time for yourself? And if sustained or irregular work schedules were no longer a hindrance to your personal growth? Whether on your mobile phone or on your computer, you can now enjoy our workshops.

Choose to look within yourself to better understand and love yourself. Each course is a self-care that will strengthen your personal confidence, the understanding of your emotional functioning and your internal chemistry. These are healing and understanding workshops about your experience to open wide the doors of your well-being and your balance.
Learn the art of caring for yourself. The body is a subtle mechanism of energy. You will address balancing your aura, your personal energy, and your chakras. Natural techniques that will allow you to take care of your being in your daily life. The art of taking time for yourself, to recognize yourself, to listen to yourself, to understand and balance yourself

FREE – Transitionning to a New Year

  • Collect the gifts of the current year
  • Choose what is to keep and what is to let go
  • Understand your own rythm for the New Year through the seasons’ symbolism

This End of the Year free wrokshop will invite you to a positive assessment of your life and help you to gain awareness on your own rythm.

Living Your Alchemy: Body – Emotions – Spirit

This workshop has been for me an important eye opener on “who” I am and who I want “to be” in all its forms. It allowed me to position myself on what is important to me in the present and the future. This workshop is full of examples with different ways to integrate concepts using listening, reading, drawing, reflection, projection into the future, tinkering… Bravo for this beautiful course, it’s actually an inner adventure!
Sophie T.

I was angry with someone who” took advantage” of me and who was never satisfied with all the time and energy I spent for her. I went around in circles and was in self-annoyance.

This forgiveness, I offered myself by becoming aware, through this workshop, that I was responsible for letting myself be “manipulated” by not listening to my needs.

The awareness and these forgiveness released me, made me lighter. They allowed me to listen to myself, to finally respect myself and to feel good.

Thank you very much for this gift!

Claire-Lise M.

From dream to life – Creating a viable project

This workshop allowed me to fully visualize my project and to see it from angles that I had not considered. I was able to determine my needs more clearly, which allowed me to get started. I am really pleased to have done this workshop which allowed me to structure myself.
Gisèle B.