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Lately, we talked about the need of being seen to enable your content to reach its audience. To share your knowledge, for free or through paid courses, you need to attract your crowd.

For some teachers or trainers, « selling » is like an slimy word preventing them to promote their course. The notion of selling hits many people, especially those in the self-care domaine, through a sight saying « I’m not a car seller ! ». Yes, it is cliché and you do get the feeling, don’t you ?

So let’s be very very factual : if you intend to make a living out of your courses, you will need to get paid.

For some, i twill take them into a journey where they will need to make peace with their relationship with money or the value or credit they give themselves. There are more people under estimate their value at the begining of their carreer than people validating the true value of their content. But before talking numbers…

How to get known without feeling slimy…

As many coaches and trainers, I found my middle ground by writing as it fulfills my pleasure to share educational or informational content. I combine it with my coaching practice generating my income and it helps both my clientes and people that I may not know.


Create an autenthic content to reach your audience

In fact, writing articles, shooting videos or podcasting to share your expertise and offer educaitonal content to an audience is necessary if you want people to get to know your courses.You need to allow people to discovering you, your way of sharing and speaking as it is only then that they would choose you rather than anyone else.

Speaking with your own voice, your own wording and style, being authentic and accessible rather than perfect will allow you to engage with people that can relate to you, your experience or their needs. And let’s be clear, you will not be liked by everyone and it is perfect like that. As a matter of fact we each have our own universe and an audience that enjoys it. Thus, the more you respect who you are the more you attract people you can truly serve.


Find the right platforme for your audience

By finding the platform or network adapted to your audience, you will be able to share your knowledge. Remeber that your want to reach people that are willing to learn, not to be recognized by peers. Choose the your mean of sharing and your tone thinking of the people you will be able to help with their words not the people doing the same job as you. For instance some social network community may be more an echo chamber than reaching people that needs you. While you will have the feeling to promote your courses in fact you will simply end up in a groupe where professionals are talking to professionals.

Share your story, your passion, show it in action on social media est a way to be genuine and visible (and may be being shared).It is the first step to become legit online. However, do not overestimate these media. The number of likes vs the number of purchase may be very different.

Therefore, you will need to be offering gifts, to motivate people to register to your mailing list.Yet again, there is a balance between spaming and old fashion advertising (cold and pushy) and sharing your content while promoting your courses. That will define if people remain registered to your mailing list or consider you as spam very quickly.


Other techniques exists…

Some trainers opted for low cost courses to sell in masses very fast on platform such as Udemy to reach their audience. It is a simple technique to boost your sales and grow fast your client list. It does not grant at all a content quality, but the buyer will feel safe by not spending much on a course. With a good quality content, people will often leave a good review as they get value for monney.

However, in view of the number of trainers on such platform, being seen is also difficult at first. This brings us back to the need of communicate and being seen. It is also important that such course should be considered as lead magnet or mini-courses to avoid undervaluing your content.

Some will find people with good marketing skills to promote their content through affiliation or media influencers. But here again, you will need to have a minimum of visibility and content to share so that people get to know you.

In conclusion, to sell and promote your courses you will need to stand up for yourself. It may not be perfect at first but ironically that is what will make you accessible. So dare, stepping up and keep in mind that you will evolve and progress and that people will like following you.

Article written by Christel Mesey
Transformational & project coaching – Coach for online course Creator – NLP Master Practicionner