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That’s it, you have your idea and are ready to create your first online course!You’re on the starting blocks, ready to jump but, you don’t know where and how to begin. So, you start looking online for references or experiences but  end up in a jungle as online teaching is taught in so many different styles that you wonder what to choose.

Numerous sites and programs will present you the online courses as “The” passive income solution. It will be the magical dust fairy spreading automatically dollar bills on your bank account and make you rich in few weeks.

Let’s be clear, passive income is an illusion!
Maybe it will require no effort from you one day, but until then, you will have to create a content and an audience for it. In addition, if you do not pro-actively work on your visibility, your course will not be found magically even if it the best course ever.

So yes, some managed to get rich very fast, but they are far from majority. But what made the difference from them versus other online trainers?

The content?
Yes and no, some catchy content like “generate 6 figures income in 3 months” are very attractive but a title is not enough.

The price?
Sometimes, but we can find from cheap to extremely expensive courses that works or does not work.

The quality?
Nope, there are as many expensive courses with low quality standard than cheap training that are full of gems.

The marketing?
Hell yes! The quality of the content is not seen before you get to the course, so it is the sales page and the presale communication that will speak to the buyers. It may seem unfair when you put your heart into creating a quality content. But the fact is that people will need to get to know you before being willing to buy from you.

So how these trainers became successful?

Learning how to communicate
The time devoted to promoting their courses was definitely a key for load of them. Those who started their online business few years ago could enjoy the time when social media organic sharing was still possible, but thing stated to change as there are more and more actors in the online training world and the social media changes their terms of use.

Beating the social media algorithms is still possible to get organic promotion, but it will require a great deal of time from you with Facebook or Instagram lives, YouTube, and so on.

The social media algorithms are updated every year and they are definitely moving towards making us pay for a promotion service. Facebook for instance under the nice envisioning of refocusing the wall feed toward family and friends was in fact brining compagnies to pay for appearing on feeds (as before you could simply unfollow a company that was making you uncomfortable). This was a very lovely way to push for paid add.

But let’s be honest, social media is a business and each provider are allowed to do what they want with their platform. It is up to us to define the time we want to spend on promoting our courses and if we want to play along. Being clear on that will simply help us to define how we want to allocate our time and communication budget.

In any case, you will need to learn how to share and experience or a knowledge by activating curiosity and being inspirational. Your online teaching will begin with your communication and how you communicate on your activities.

In the next article, we will see what it implies.

Article written by Christel Mesey
Transformational & project coaching – Coach for online course Creator – NLP Master Practicionner