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In the previous article from this series, we talked about learning how to share knowledge or experience beyond your course. Let’s dig a bit more on that.

You are new to the online teaching world and nobody else than your clients know you for the time being. These clients are not necessary your audience as they already interact with you, so what you would want to build is a larger audience. You may already have followers on social media or even a community, if so, that is wonderful as you are likely to be already familiar with sharing and engaging with your crowd.


Communicate to be visible

Nowadays, entrepreneurs, course creators and people serving others through their job are more and more asked to engage personally with their audience (future clients). In marketing the storytelling and audience engagement through stories, publications or video is what attracts people to you. The people that will then link with you will come because you speak to their emotions, their own experience and the fact that they can relate to what you have to share.


In the scope of online course, successful trainers are very active on social media and through networking. The engage with their communities (online or in person) and are very present and visible in their way of communicating. They participate to event and conferences, have an YouTube channel or write articles for example.


Stepping up to share

To sell your courses you will thus need to accept to be on the front line and build trust with your audience in addition of knowing how to share your knowledge or experience.

This part is might be hard for those being a bit shy. But surprisingly, they could discover that the will to share and teach sometimes brings courage to go beyond shyness. And if you have any doubt about it, know that it took me a year to accept to be more than words and audio and put my face out there. It is somehow an amazing self-acceptance and self-validation process in disguise.

Standing up for your course and put your name and face out there requires courage for most trainers. As a matter of fact, most of them wants to share a knowledge rather than becoming a star. It is the will to share that will drive them to step up and go out of their comfort zone.It can be done step by step to be less frightening.


Going beyond your fear to take the wheel of your success

For many, it will shake their inner structure. Stepping into the web jungle triggers fear of rejection, of judgment or of being seen. But most of the time the main trigger will be your own self-perception, inner judge and need for perfection.

But for the time being, let’s release a bit the pressure that may pop in your guts by keeping in mind that :

When people want to learn it is not your face that they are attracted to but your content and the way you make them feel.

People will come to you to learn and not to scrutinise your look and wrinkle. It does not prevent you to wear your most welcoming smile and brush your hair to honour them, but it is important to remember that you are not the focus here, but your content is. 

Many will also try to speak and move how they think they should behave or what would make them look professional. On the web, what prevails, and grabs people’s attention is authenticity. You will thus need to learn how to speak from your heart and with spontaneity. For instance, using a very sophisticated or specialized vocabulary will speak to your colleagues but not to novice. Being recognized by your peers is useless if you cannot share your wisdom to any crowd. Your peers will not be the one that buys by the way, so avoid the echo chambers that will give you the illusion that you are on the top to suddenly realize that it brings no clients. 

And yes, it is scary, but brace yourself, take a deep breath and jump. You will see that it is the most beautiful adventure in the world. And should you feel the need to be supported to speak with your own voice, seek for the support of friends or a coach (that will remain objective and focused).

Article written by Christel Mesey
Transformational & project coaching – Coach for online course Creator – NLP Master Practicionner