Conscious Business

The futur of business is with conscious actors that serves human and the planet with respect. A contribution to the world we leave in begins by setting an example throught what your share and what you sell. It is our aim to help you being actor of this new world.



Workshop & Events



From dream to reality

Having a project is beautiful, making it real it even more magical. But it can be stressful and challenging at time. This course will offer you the means to have a clear vision of your project, check its component so that you can bring it to life as smoothly as possible.


From employee to self-employed

What an amazing adventure to take on! When transitionning from a corporate job to being your own boss, you will face several emotions. We know how it was for us and want you to feel supported with someone who knows the stress, the doubts you face and remind you the strenght you have to build your life.

Workshops & Events

Human communication

Find your voice and your tone when speaking to your future clients. From marketing to educating and sharing, you will find amazing way to promote your business with your own gifts and talent.


Feeling of incompetency

There is no stranger feeling than the impression of being incompetent. It’s uncomfortable, confusing, sometimes frustrating, even humiliating. Many people go through this stage, for me, this has been the case for every new job, because I was entering an area that I had not yet mastered. Suddenly, my doubts and fears were tugging me. In one way it pushes me to always do better, in another, it has sometimes curbed me from daring to suggest, affirm, or be me…
But where does this feeling really come from and is it real?

Working identity

While social media has become a promotion platform for young and old entrepreneurs, it is important to clarify its message. The only problem here is, it is not so simple to define who we are, because the question is sometimes more complex than it seems.

Humility vs Humiliation

Have you ever noticed how the joy of belonging to a tribe or a network can sometimes reveal you to yourself?

Last month, I attended an event that delighted me and there were plenty of stickers at reception. On the first day, I felt so happy to be there, so much so that I taped the organizers’ logo on the back my tablet. I taped it making sure it was well readable, in all situations. It took me a few days to realize with amazement that I was ready to display someone else’s logo on my work tools while I hesitated to stick my own logo!