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Grab your drawing pad, pastels or aquarelle!

Parks are inspiring, open and excellent places to create. To enjoy creating in good company, I invite you to join me on free drawing sessions to spill your inspiration on paper. Each of us have its style, technique, need to express. Here it is not as much the talent but the expression that we are seeking.

Those who would like to can experiment with pastel chalks while others will bring their own material. Note that it is not a course but a gathering of people willing to create. Though inspiration and technics can be shared in simplicity.

Bring your gears, your mat and a bottle of water and let’s create together! Pastel material will be at disposal should you need to buy any.

Septembre 2018

No date yet

August 2018

Geneva, Switzerland

Place: Parc des Bastions

Timing: Sundays 15h-17h


July 2018

Tallinn, Estonia

Place: Wismari 1, Tallinn

Timing: Sundays 15h-17h


I like sharing creative moments. It amplifies the creative energy and extend it to all participants. It become a co-creation process.

I did my first art steps in the Geneva Art Decorative School, then life lead me to experiment other technics and other visions. Today soft pastel is one of my preferred medium as it offers a tactile, almost sensual, experience with the creation process that free all my senses and focus them into a piece of art.
Christel Mesey