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It is by getting to know oneself that one learns to love oneself unconditionally.

It is through self-awareness that the human reaches well-being and builds happiness. If the choice to meet oneself for real has been obvious for each member of the team, it has not always been an obvious journey. We had to learn to look ourselves in the mirror, with our pleasant sides and our dark sides. We learned that those dark sides that bothered us so much were our breeding ground. We were confronted with life before we understood that it was acting to help us to experience and evolve at the level of our heart as well as our soul. We still are, because we learn from each experience, we travel through life with the curiosity of the Sage apprentice. Each trainer on this platform follows his own alchemical course, his transformation. They have acquired and developed tools, methodologies and techniques through their development path. All of them are eager to share and transmit them so that others can benefit from them. If we have gathered to share and transmit, we also have our individual activities that you can discover on our personal pages.

Christel Mesey

Founder of Joy Whisperers – Life coach, NLP therapist, Energy therapist, Intuitive Artist

My Mantra: “Vibrate your essences to share with sens”

My workshops: Living your alchemy, Living your dreams, Art in the park

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Delphine Blanc

Hypnotherapist – Coach

My Mantra: “Compose & Dare your life”

My workshops: Coming soon… In the mean time she is available for individual consultations.

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Our Philosophy

From self-discovery to self-recovery

Life is a game of discovery, so let’s play cheerfully!

Self-discovery, fulfillment, can be done in gaiety. Learning to laugh at one’s missteps rather than judging them does not diminish teaching. On the contrary, if you think about it, the best learning memories of your childhood are often linked to playing and the joy of discovery, aren’t they? So we want you to rediscover this joy of discovery so that you can become an adventurer of life in fun and pleasure.

Understand yourself beyond the mind by providing a place for emotional and sensory intelligence.

If the mind is a magic tool, your emotions and your senses are just as rich in information, in support of your being. By discovering them and understanding them, you offer the keys of your complete being as well as your well-being.

Manual activity opens the doors to the power of creative energy.

Art and manual labor bring a new dimension to your mind and allow you to connect to your body through kinesthetic movement but also to your intuition and creative energy. It’s a playful approach that helps anchor your change in your cells.

Our Mission

Inspire yourself to be the Master of your life.

The more people understand how they function, their emotions and their energy, the more they will understand this and those around them. It is by starting with unconditional self-love that a human can attain the love of Himself, his being and all beings. He can then forcefully deploy his consciousness for the evolution of humanity, the respect of earth’s resources as well as fauna and flora. It is through ceasing to judge oneself that humans find tolerance towards each other and develop compassion.


Allow yourself to identify your resources and exploit them with joy.

You have a treasure trove of resources in you and we would like you to be aware and proud of it. We wish to offer you the recognition of yourself and your uniqueness, which makes you a unique and magnificent being. By offering yourself respect and welcoming who you are, you will be able to inspire the people around you and thus enable others to recognize themselves and dare to be themselves.


Invite yourself to discover your emotional, sensory intelligence and your intuition

On the path of the alchemist, the mind can be a hindrance, however used in complementarity with your other intelligences and intuition, it will bring you trust, confidence, faith in yourself and in life. Together, these other assets offer you a life rich in adventures, discoveries and wonders. They offer you clairvoyance, the ability to see clearly beyond illusions.