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Our Online Workshops

3 workshop themes to inspire you and support your blossoming

Choose to look within yourself to better understand and love yourself. Each journey is a self-care that will strengthen your personal confidence, understanding of your emotional functioning, your internal chemistry. These are healing and understanding workshops about your experience to open wide the doors of your well-being and your balance.
Learn the art of self-care. The body is a subtle mechanism of energy. You will address balancing your aura, your personal energy, and your chakras. Natural techniques that will allow you to take care of your being in your everyday life. The art of taking time for yourself, to recognize yourself, to listen to yourself, to understand and balance yourself.
Dream and Dare! And if your dreams could take shape and settle in your reality? Independent coaching tools are available to offer you the means to touch your creative energy. At the crossroads between coaching and project management, the workshops are here to encourage and support you in your projects.

Our live workshops

Be inspired in Geneva or around the globe

Indulge in the pleasure of drawing or painting. From pastel to acrylic painting to pencil sketching, the workshops are an invitation to let your intuition speak to you or simply the pleasure of relaxing by creating. Open to all those who wish to have fun, here expression takes precedence over talent.
Learn to listen to your body, your cycles and the elementals that can support you in listening to your being and caring for yourself. At the meeting of stones, meditation and other techniques, you will be invited to discover your well-being and your energy balance.
Activate your creativity in an energy of benevolence. Through energetic jewelry creations or collages, you can enjoy a moment of relaxation in a universe where dialogue and sharing are a source of beautiful encounters.

Our latest news

Living Your Alchemy: Body – Emotions – Spirit

What an adventure! Thank you so much for allowing me this wonderful quest inside of me. What meticulousness and care given to the written support, the recordings, and the package received at home. Everything is ready for the adventure! It’s of fine watchmaking. What an inspiration and creativity too…. I have never seen or read anything like it and am really happy to have been able to participate. A wonderful setting in which I could evolve freely (time, way to go, doors to open, artistic freedom). THANK YOU Katia K.

From dream to life – Creating a viable project

I liked this workshop. It made me ask the right questions and made me think right. I found it relevant and do not regret my choice! Thank you! Claire-Lise M.

Living your alchemy – Forgiveness

This workshop allowed me to move forward and leave the past behind. I was able to get away from my feeling of being a victim to embrace everything that I had built since in my life. It gave me a sense of respect for myself, a touch of pride and above all peace! The workshop gave me the leads to find my own healing. I feel at peace and it’s a good thing! Thank you” Brigitte M.